The average laptop battery lasts for around 1,000 charge cycles. This roughly equates to around 3-4 years of performance for the average user. However, many laptop owners find their batteries biting the dust long before this. The good news is that, with a few changes to your charging habits, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your laptop battery. We’ve compiled a list of 10 easy hacks that can help prevent laptop battery damage, to keep your device lasting for years to come.

1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

If you want to avoid laptop battery damage, make sure you're not exposing your machine to extreme temperatures. When your device is exposed to significant highs or lows, its internal components will be forced to work overtime to carry out basic functions. An overworked machine will drain battery reserves more quickly. Eventually, this will lead to a damaged laptop battery that won't be able to hold charge effectively. Generally speaking, laptops should never be exposed to temperatures outside the range of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius 

2. Don't Let Battery Reserves Drop Below 20%

What damages laptop battery components? If you regularly let your battery fall below 20%, you're asking for trouble. To make life easier, think about setting up a notification to alert you when the battery power reaches 20%. This way, you've plenty of time to reach for your charger. If a battery is left to drain to zero regularly, the internal components can become damaged.  

3. Turn Down Screen Brightness Levels 

Many of us prefer to have our laptop screens at full brightness. If you want to preserve power output and avoid laptop battery damage, consider turning down these levels. A minor adjustment of your settings won't just extend battery performance, it will also prevent issues like eye fatigue 

4. Always Use the Original Charger 

It's always recommended that you use original chargers and cables with a laptop. If your charger becomes damaged and you need to replace it, make sure you're purchasing an identical product that comes sourced from the manufacturer or an authorised reseller. Only a genuine power supply will protect against laptop battery damage. At Wisetek Store, all our refurbished laptopsrefurbished MacBooks and refurbished Chromebooks come with their original chargers included.  

5. Will Leaving My Laptop Plugged in Damage the Battery? 

Does it damage a laptop battery to leave it plugged in? It's tempting to leave laptops plugged in every time we use them. This is fine if your battery reserves are low but exposing a full battery to an electric current is a no go. Eventually, this will damage the internal components, leading to irreparable laptop battery damage.  

6. Does Using Your Laptop While Charging Damage the Battery? 

Sometimes, you'll need to continue working as your laptop charges. However, when possible, try to leave your machine to rest while the battery is being charged. Charging habits are hard to change, but it needs to be done if you want to maximise laptop battery life and prevent lasting damage.  

7. Avoid Laptop Battery Damage with the Power Save Mode 

Most of us utilise power saver features on tablets and smartphones. However, few of us activate the same settings on our laptops. If your laptop includes a power saver mode, activate it to ensure you're getting the most out of your battery. This not only prevents unwanted downtime but also reduces the amount of charging cycles your machine will be put through. The fewer charging cycles your laptop experiences, the less likely it is that damage will occur.  

8. Make Sure Your Regularly Updating Device Software 

Don't overlook the importance of software updates when it comes to laptop battery health. Admittedly, having to install updates and restart your device is frustrating. However, some of these updates may include fixes for bugs that are impairing charging cycles. Major manufacturers like HP and Dell have released such updates in recent years.  

9. Don't Overwork Your Machine 

Even the most robust laptop needs its rest. Putting your device into sleep mode when you're not using it is all well and good, but the occasional shut down is also essential. Make a habit of shutting down your device at the end of every session. At a push, make sure you're shutting your laptop down once every couple of days. Doing so will lead to less need for recharging, which in turn puts less strain on your laptop battery.  

10. Don't Leave Connected Devices Plugged In 

Does charging your phone through a laptop damage the battery? While using your laptop as a power bank for smartphones is unlikely to cause any lasting damage, you should adopt some good charging habits. If your laptop is being used, don't keep phones or other devices plugged in via a USB port. If you're away from your laptop for extended periods, use a conventional wall charger for smartphones instead.  

Extending the Life of Laptop Batteries 

Although the average laptop battery should last for anywhere from 3-4 years, there's a lot you can do to extend its operational life. For starters, avoid exposing your machine to temperature extremes. It's also vital you don't let your battery reserves fall below 20%. Tempted to use a different charger? Don't. If you need to replace a damaged one, make sure you're buying an identical replacement sourced from the laptop manufacturer.  

Although it's convenient, you should never leave your laptop constantly plugged in. Furthermore, avoid using your device while it's completing a charging cycle. An overworked laptop battery isn't going to last for long. Make a habit of shutting down your machine regularly. You can also make some simple setting changes to extend battery life. Turn screen brightness levels down to bolster your reserves. Additionally, activate Power Save mode if your device has one. Keeping on top of software updates is also recommended. It's easy to ignore these, but occasionally software updates will include fixes that can improve battery performance and expedite charge cycles.  

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