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If you’re planning to work abroad, you’ll need a high-quality laptop, stable internet connection, and a suitable place to put in a day’s work. Below are some tips on how to find a great laptop for digital nomads & business travellers. 

The term ‘digital nomad’ predates the pandemic, but it was a relatively niche term that has since exploded in popularity during and after the pandemic years. The Instagram-fuelled inspiration (real or imagined) of working abroad and photos taken of laptops by the beach in faraway destinations has driven many to seek out a digital nomad lifestyle, and it’s become easier than perhaps ever before thanks to a coalescing of various factors. 

The prevalence of high-speed internet, affordable and reliable laptops, and the rise of co-working spaces are all factors that contribute to increased digitisation and to creating digital nomad hubs around the world. Whether it’s a jaunt in sunny Portugal or a few months or years in a more exotic destination like Bali, Indonesia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, or Medellin, Colombia, the lifestyle certainly has many looking for a way out of the office 9-5 grind in their hometown. 

What Does a Digital Nomad Need for Work? 

Anyone looking to be a digital nomad will need a few things before heading abroad: 

  • Passport or valid travel document; 
  • Air ticket (or train/coach); 
  • Accommodations; 
  • Working space; 
  • Stable internet connection; 
  • Reliable electronic devices. 

While the first few of these are certainly important to have, we’re only going to focus on the electronics as they alone are important enough to warrant special consideration. 

Naturally, digital nomads and business travellers should be looking for a laptop, mobile phone, and/or tablet that enables them to remain productive. There’s no way you’d want to be hauling your desktop PC overseas, so think portability and functionality. There’s a lot more to consider when buying electronics for your DN lifestyle, as well. 

Things to Look for in a Laptop for Digital Nomads 

Amongst all of the electronic devices you may use on a daily basis, your laptop is likely the most important for getting work done. Whether you already use your laptop at home or you take it into uni or the office, it becomes your most valuable asset for productivity when travelling abroad. Below are some of the key things to look for in a laptop for a DN: 

New vs Refurbished Electronics 

Your electronics need to be extremely reliable since they’re your only way of getting work done whilst you’re hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away from the office. A lot of DNs buy new MacBooks or laptops, for example, but there’s certainly a strong case to be made for buying refurbished instead. The Wisetek Store carries ‘as new’ quality refurbished laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and much more that are often significantly cheaper than buying new. 

Superb Functionality 

Perhaps you already do this at home, but when abroad you will likely be using your laptop as your all-in-one device for work, leisure, entertainment, communicating with friends and family, and just about everything else. Make sure that you’re choosing a refurbished laptop that has great specs under the hood so that you can do everything you need it to do. 

Weight and Size 

Although most laptops today are relatively lightweight compared to the bulky monstrosities of the 1980s, they still differ quite a bit in size and weight with some being not-so-portable at all. Consider that you’ll be hopping on a plane and perhaps carrying your laptop every day to a co-working office, so lightweight and slim size are important factors. These traits also help immensely when it comes to slipping your laptop into your carry-on luggage. 


Price is important for two reasons. Firstly, saving money on laptops is good, provided that you’re getting great performance. Refurbished laptops help you save a lot of money whilst still getting great technology. Secondly, a low price can really help reduce the sting in the unfortunate event that your laptop is stolen whilst abroad. 

Battery Life 

Just think about how often you intend to take your laptop to the beach, park, or anywhere else where you want to get work done. You’re going to need a laptop with great battery performance in order to do that, since an electrical outlet might simply not be realistic or readily available at your destination. 

Where to Buy Electronics as a Digital Nomad 

One of the big draws for digital nomads is the ability to leverage the strength of their home currency in a country where the cost of living is lower. While you may be able to stretch your euros, pounds, or dollars further in such a country, some things are actually more expensive abroad. Buying electronics, even when considering currency exchange rates, can be quite expensive in countries outside of the US and many parts of Europe. 

What this means is that you shouldn’t buy a new device abroad unless you absolutely have to. Instead, it’s best to consider buying refurbished electronics before leaving for your destination. 

Refurbished products aren’t all alike, however. Trust and reputation are important in a reseller, which is why refurbished electronics from a reputable reseller are far superior to buying a used device with perhaps no recourse should anything go wrong. Electronics sold at Wisetek Store have a 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee, so if you detect any faults or defects in your refurbished device, rest assured that you’ll be fully covered. 

Shop at Wisetek Store for Business Electronics & More 

Whether you’re going abroad on a business trip for a few days or plan to work remotely from a sunny beach in a faraway country, there’s no understating the importance of having a dependable laptop by your side to get the day’s work done. 

Wisetek Store has professionally refurbished laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and much more that are ideal for digital nomads and business travellers alike. 

If you are looking for a refurbished laptop in the UK with local shipping costs be sure to visit our UK store, Wisetek Store UK. 


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