Wisetek Store is committed to 100% sustainability

While we’re a technology company, we’re also an environmental organisation. By using the latest technology, we are combatting the growing problem of e-waste and fighting the ‘take-make-dispose’ model that manufacturers traditionally employ.

The Circular Economy

We believe that being able to refurbish products to their ‘shop bought’ state is not only the future of technology, but the future of the Earth. Our business model is based on the Circular Economy which encourages organisations to reuse and repurpose products instead of disposing of them just because a single – and replaceable – part may be broken or that they are just considered ‘old’.

We believe that next to nothing should be thrown away and that there’s utility and value in every electronic device. Our expertise allows us to take apart even the most complicated electronic devices, test their component parts and replace them, if necessary, wipe data, reinstall software, thus refurbishing items once earmarked as e-waste.

As a company, we operate a Zero Landfill policy which means exactly that: nothing we process ends up as e-waste which will threaten the environment. 

Charitable Donations

As part of our commitment to our local community, we have partnered with Tech2Schools, which is a charity that donate laptops and other necessary tech products to schools to support students. We have donated 80 refurbished laptops so far and are looking forward to making more donations in the future as we identify the schools most in need.

We also proudly sponsor local sports clubs including Cork Minor Ladies team, and have made various other donations to charities across the world, including laptop donations during the pandemic to help people stay in touch.

Tree Planting

Over the next two years we will plant one tree for every device that Wisetek Store sells to offset carbon emissions. In association with Trees on the Land (www.treesontheland.com), a charity which promotes tree planting across the island of Ireland, we predict that at around 5,000 trees will be planted in the most ecological beneficial areas on the island of Ireland.

Corporate Culture

Our commitment to the environment is central to our business model, our charitable focus, and also to the day-to-day running of our offices. All waste is separated and even bottle caps are donated to a Polish charity which uses them in the manufacturing of wheelchairs.
We have been awarded numerous certificates including Responsible Recycling, e-Stewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, WEEELABEX, among others.

We also award clients our own Wisetek Sustainable EARTH certification as proof that our materials are processed to the highest environmental standards.

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