Top 10 - How to Make Your Routine More Sustainable

Are you living as sustainably as you could be? Try these 10 easy changes to your routine to live more sustainably. 


For most of us, our current way of living is not sustainable - at least, not as sustainable as it could be. Our consumerist lifestyle draws heavily upon natural resources whilst generating massive amounts of waste and causing environmental damage. What can be done to mitigate our own impact and to live more sustainably? Try these 10 easy tips in your daily routine: 

1. Avoid Single-Use Plastic Bags 

Citizens and residents in EU member countries have not had free and easy access to single-use plastic bags at supermarkets since 2015. If you live in a country where plastic bags are still the standard means of packing your groceries, consider reducing your consumption of plastic bags and instead bring your own reusable bag. 

2. Go Paperless 

Do you still receive bank statements and bills through snail mail? Many companies and institutions are now actively offering paperless statements and bill payment options, which reduces the need to print and mail documents across the country. Check your statement to see if a paperless option is available. 

3. Switch to LED Lighting 

It’s well-known that LED lights draw far less energy than older, incandescent bulbs. If you’ve got incandescent light bulbs in your home, consider switching them for environmentally-friendly LED lights and invest in dimmers for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room to create ambient lighting whilst using less energy. 

4. Adjust Your Laundry Habits 

A load of laundry uses an awful lot of water, so try to cut back on water consumption by bundling large (but not oversized) loads. The average washing machine uses anywhere from around 33-72 L of water per load (older machines used as much as 150 L!). This might mean letting some whites or coloureds pile up, but the savings in water and electricity can benefit both the environment and your water/energy bills. 

5. Switch to Solar Energy 

Completely switching your home energy to solar is not exactly an “easy” fix, but installing a few panels can be fairly easy and beneficial for the environment. This is all the more important with the energy crisis well underway as of 2022, so consider having a few solar panels installed to supplement your daily energy consumption. 

6. Buy Groceries in Bulk 

Grocery shopping can be made much more sustainable by shopping for items like loose produce in bulk. Beans, lentils, and all other sorts of vegetables can not only boost your health, but they can also reduce the need for needless packaging. You can also purchase many refillable items at most supermarkets now, such as body soap and lotion refills, shampoo, and laundry detergent. 

7. Buy Refurbished Electronics 

Electronic devices are a necessary part of our modern lives, but buying new electronics only to dispose of them a few years later is extremely wasteful. To reduce e-waste and save plenty of money, consider buying used or refurbished electronics from a reputable reseller such as Wisetek Store. 

8. Drink More Water 

We could all benefit from drinking a little more of Mother Nature’s special brew and a little less of those fizzy drinks. Drinking more water helps you save money, live a healthier lifestyle, and reduces plastic consumption if you bring your own water bottle to work or to the gym (as you should!). 

9. Buy Sustainable Fashion 

High street fast fashion shops are not exactly very sustainable, so instead of spending your hard-earned money every season on the newest fad trend, consider buying fewer articles of clothing and instead buying high-quality fashion items that will last for much longer. 

10. Switch to Remote Work

If possible, start working remotely or at least find a more sustainable method of transport to/from your workplace, such as riding a bicycle or taking public transit. Working from home greatly reduces the amount of emissions since your commute only consists of getting out of bed and walking to your desk rather than idling in traffic every day. 

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