Top 7 Best iPad Games to Play in 2023

It is generally accepted that the iPad is smoother, more user-friendly and has a greater range of games. iPad games can also be played on your iPhone, a big plus for those long train, plane or car journeys.

7 of the Best iPad games to play in 2023

1) Alto's Odyssey

An impressive, revamped version of the 2015 game. Suitable for ages from 4 years upwards. Team up with Alto and his buddies as they sandboard across the desert, looking for the Lost City. Soar above the dunes in hot air balloons and abseil through steep ravines looking for clues in ancient temples and caves.

2) Unmemory

Unmemory first saw the light of day in 2020, and remains up there with the best iPad games in 2023. An adventure game for the over 18s, it is decidedly minimalist in its implementation and visual presentation, yet it builds an atmosphere like the chapters in a good book. Harking back to the 1990s, the prose and graphics depict the main character's punk situation of big city life and drug-fuelled parties. 

 Not everyone's idea for one of the best iPad games in 2023, but if you're looking for something different from the usual shoot-em-ups and car chases, give it a look.

3) Bastion

A classic role playing game for the over 10s. Become 'The Kid' in his adventures to rid the post-apocalyptic city of Calamity of its myriad citizens-turned-monsters from his sanctuary in the city's Bastion. Helped by a few unaffected residents, he strives to kill the monsters and return the city to normality.

4) Among Us

A multi-player, role-playing game for all over 9 years. Join the 10-man spaceship crew as they move around the ship, completing tasks from emptying the trash to repairing computer systems. All while a rogue crew member tries to kill them. 

 Whenever a body is found, a meeting is called, to try to identify the villain and get him/her voted off the ship. One of the best iPad games that can also be played on Android refurbished tablets and iPhones.

5) Carcassonne

If you still crave those old empire-building games, Carcassonne could be just what you're looking for. On your medieval-style island you use game tiles to construct various properties, businesses, farms, cities and connecting roadways. Designed from a German-style board game, it still rates as one of the best iPad games in 2023.

6) Subsurface Circular

Another cross between a short story, film and game, Subsurface Circular takes you into a future of robotic androids known as 'Teks', who undertake most of society's day-to-day roles. 

 You take on the role of a detective Tek, seeking to discover how and why numerous Teks have disappeared. Much of the action takes place in a futuristic automated rail transit carriage, using a messaging-style interface as the plot twists and turns to its inevitable(?) conclusion.

7. Giant Dancing Plushies

Although rated 9 years and over, even the little ones will be fascinated watching these colourful, teddy bear-type animals rocking to the beat. Dancing down the street to the game's music or soundtrack of your choice, they squish tanks or grab coins before being beamed back to the mothership to collect their rewards and up their powers.

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