Budget Friendly Back to College Laptops: Finding the Best Deals

It is never too late to find the best laptop for students but buying one before you head back for the new term is probably better than after it has started. After all, most college and university courses require students to interact digitally with tutors and other students nowadays. Relying on a smartphone won't always be possible. The good news is that choosing the right college laptop has never been easier thanks to the many refurbished laptops for students available today. Why break the bank when budget-friendly back to college laptops provides everything you need? 

What are budget-friendly back to college laptops, though? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the best deals on refurbished laptops suitable for students today.

About Refurbished Laptops

To begin with, back to college laptops do not have to be the newest, latest models. Refurbished laptops – specifically, refurbished laptops for students – offer everything you will need in terms of processing power, memory and flexibility at a fraction of the price of brand-new computers. 

Many engineering and maths students who need quite high processing power find that refurbished laptops offer them everything they need. Equally, media students who need a reasonably high level of resolution to edit and view videos will usually find that refurbished laptops provide more than adequate specifications which even good tablets and smartphones simply won't.

The Benefits of Refurbished Laptops

As you may have gathered, refurbished laptops for students make most sense as budget-friendly back to college laptops because they are cheaper than their newer counterparts. Equally, obtaining the best deals on refurbished laptops means being able to not only save money but the planet, too. Because refurbished laptops are second-hand and contain many valuable resources, such as precious metals, they help to lessen the environmental impact of each person who owns one. 

What's more, buying refurbished laptops for students won't mean compromising on digital privacy or reliable performance. All of Wisetek Store's refurbished laptops for students will have had their memories fully wiped and their operating systems updated along with any driver updates that might be necessary.

Key Considerations for Back to College Laptops

Think about choosing the right college laptop for college for the sort of tasks you will be set. If you will need to watch videos and presentations, then a larger screen will be preferable. If you only need to send emails and do some word processing for essays, then a lower-spec processor will probably be enough. Consider a higher-spec machine when choosing the right college laptop if you will be involved with programming, research projects or multimedia coursework. 

Even budget-friendly college laptops should have enough battery power to get you through the day because you never know where you will be able to plug in. If you will record audio or need to download specialist design software, then make sure you have enough memory. Finally, if you want to game on your computer, too, then you will need a high-spec laptop even if it will be overpowered for your day-to-day college use.

Exploring the Best Deals on College Laptops

HP Elitebooks and Dell Latitude refurbished laptops tend to be powerful enough for many students. These would set you back between €300 and €400 depending on the screen and memory size. Dell Precision models constitute some of the most budget-friendly back to college laptops if you need something with a little more processing power and can cost up to about €500. 

It is easy to search for what matters most to you with Wisetek Store because you can apply filters for the preferred manufacturer, processor type, available RAM or screen size. Note, that we have an honest returns policy and all of the best deals on refurbished laptops we offer come with warranties. That's why our customer reviews from students and others are so favourable!

Expert Tips for Making the Right Choice

Choosing the best laptops for students is simpler if you work out exactly what you want to do with it first, whether that is for note-taking, research, coding, design and so on. Take a look at the online reviews for each laptop so you can tell whether the one you want will fit the bill. Choosing the right college laptop needn't be hard if you are prepared to do some basic research. 

Remember that buying the best laptops for students also means purchasing from a reputable seller. Not everyone's refurbished laptops are what they claim to be – another good reason to turn to Wisetek Store, of course. Finally, of all the things to consider, bear in mind that opting for slightly higher specs can help accommodate future or unknown computing needs you might have.

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Refurbished Laptop?

Even the best refurbished laptops for students need to be cared for. Buy a case to put yours in so you can stow it in your day sack without worrying about it getting knocked into. Install a virus protection software system to protect you from cyber threats and don't overcharge the battery which will end up reducing its lifespan. Gently dust the keyboard and clean the screen with a screen wipe, not a normal household cleanser. This way, you'll be sure to enjoy the long-term benefits of your cost-effective laptop choice.


To conclude, finding the best deals on refurbished laptops needs a little research so you buy a suitable computer and avoid unreputable sellers. Do this work before your course starts so you can begin the term with a laptop that will be fit for purpose and last for the length of your studies and beyond. 

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